Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gamer Preview Clip

GAMER Movie by LionsgatesWatch below the first official preview clip of Gamer, the upcoming sci-fi action movie directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor and starring Gerard Butler in the lead role:

GAMER - I'm playing you.
Kable (Gerard Butler) argues with Simon (Logan Lerman).

The teen boy is controlling Cable (Gerard Butler). Cable is indeed a pawn in the game Slayers, well he doesn't want to be pawn any longer and intend to recover his freedom.

GAMER - Hitchhiker
Kable (Gerard Butler) engages in some reckless driving.

More preview clips of Gamer below:

GAMER - Brother
Humanz Brother (Chris Bridges) lectures Simon (Logan Lerman).

Gamer - Trust me I swear!
Gina (Kyra Sedgwick) rescues Kable (Gerard Butler) with her groovy van.

Gamer - You spook me...
Kable (Gerard Butler) and Freak (John Leguizamo) have a talk.

There's gonna be a lot of action in the movie Gamer.