Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gamer International Trailer

The more footage of Gamer is shown by Lionsgate the more I want to see the movie. Especially with the latest international trailer of Gamer which gives a much better look at what to expect in the film:


In the future a new form of entertainment will be unleashed!

This Fall

Some live to play others play to live

with Gerard Butler

The core premise of Gamer is nothing really new: take a few inmates and pit them against one each other, from Gladiator to the latest remake of Death Race, we got plenty of movies like this. But I feel like there is something more in Gamer. Looks like there is more depth in the plot of Gamer, real issues about freedom and technology are raised. And the whole thing is still balanced with lot of action. I think that the movie Gamer will become cult.